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International Documentation Services

The opportunities for importing and exporting have never been greater, but the details involved in these operations have never been more complex! 5K’s knowledgeable staff will guide you through these procedures ensuring the necessary documents are completed, coordinating activities with banks, freight forwarders, customs brokers, and foreign customers to obtain the greatest cost benefit for your company and timely execution of your shipments. We stay abreast of the latest import/export procedures and guidelines so your shipments are handled accurately, regardless of origin, destination or transaction type. The many value added features of this service include:
• Electronic submission of documents including SED/AES, ISF.
• Coordination of banking activities to solve your logistics problems.
• Improved process efficiency and order throughput; avoid the pitfalls of improper documentation.
• Improved compliance with import and export regulations including NAFTA and other origin requirements, trademark and copyright regulations.
• Avoiding delays, fines and penalties.
• Establishing mutually beneficial relationships.
• Create your export documents automatically.

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